Where Do We Go From Here?

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It took a year, but I’ve finished collecting the material I wrote for Torontoist. Of that work, over 400 pieces have been republished or reassembled, while over 200 are waiting for me to review for more extensive updates and revamps before hitting the “publish” button. There’s an additional pile of stories that I’m still determining where/how they will resurface.

So, as the title of this post asks, where do we go from here?

New material will creep in, drawn from the backlog of material sitting on my computer and fresh finds. How often these will appear depends on my workload—promising a regular posting schedule is impossible. Check out my social media outposts (Twitter is your best bet, depending on how much I want to strangle the Twitterverse) for updates. These posts may be old ads and articles, stories inspired by the news cycle, ongoing series found in newspapers, photo essays, etc.

Beyond the Torontoist material still in the draft folder, there are some pieces I wrote for The Grid still awaiting a return to the spotlight.

Stay tuned—there are many more tales of Toronto tersely told in type and pictures to come.


Hi there. My name is Jamie Bradburn, and you may remember me from such websites as…ok, maybe that’s not the best introduction to this site.

How about this: I’ve written a lot about Toronto’s history. If you scroll through my back catalogue of posts for Torontoist, you’ll find a list of my writing over the past decade which runs 53 pages. Some of that stockpile best remains buried deep in that list, while others are award-winning pieces I’m proud of.

You can read some of my thoughts about writing for Torontoist in my farewell Historicist column. The site resurrected my writing career, helping me shift from being an office drone to a full-time writer/historian. What began as sometimes silly looks at Toronto’s past via old advertisements turned into longer, more reflective pieces. Editors along the way prodded me into new directions, producing great stories that both explored Toronto’s past and provided context for current affairs.

I’m ready to start reviewing that body of work. One can argue I should have doing that all along, but there were always other distractions or things to work on. C’est la vie.

The current plan is republish my work chronologically, updating stories when it seems appropriate. I don’t know if doing this reduces the likelihood of much of this material ever being released in print form (hint hint to publishers!), but at least it keeps it in circulation.

I hope you rediscover old favourites, or enjoy reading pieces you missed the first time around. My writing style has evolved, so there’s a risk browsing the early pieces might prove cringe-inducing.

If you have ideas for a better title for this site, send them along. Otherwise, on with the stories!