Vintage Toronto Ads: Cadillac Snowbird

Originally published on Torontoist on February 19, 2008


Toronto Life, February 1967.

Imagine what the Caddy would think of this month’s snowfall. The car wouldn’t bother waiting for a driver to take in the greyhounds before the next storm strikes.

Cars were sold at the northwest corner of Bay and Grenville for over 80 years, starting in 1925 with a dealership owned by General Motors of Canada president Sam McLaughlin. Addison took over in 1955 and remained until the lot closed last March. The heritage-designated building will be integrated into the Burano condominium project.

As for who this vehicle would find down south, Woody Woodbury was a Florida-based comedian whose booze-centric routines were preserved on a series of adult “party records” in the 1960s. Considered too raunchy for radio airplay, his albums contained enough mild innuendo to add a naughty touch to any respectable Cadillac owner’s cocktail party.

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