Vintage Toronto Ads: Enjoy the Light Show, Leave the “T-Shirt” at Home

Originally published on Torontoist on February 1, 2007.

Source: Toronto Life, November 1985

Judging from today’s ad, a blinded-by-the-light good time was to be had on the east end of the Danforth in the mid-1980s, as long as you weren’t wearing a “t-shirt”. The quotations around this standard piece of North American apparel makes one wonder how quickly a potential patron would have been tossed for this fashion faux-pas, or if dressier types of non-button-down apparel were OK.

The 1950s sci-fi movie light poles look as if they could have emitted death rays in case the yuppie crowd grew uncontrollable, or as a method of mind control to convince patrons to move to bar #4 after several drinks at bar #2.

2714 Danforth had a long history as an entertainment venue, beginning with its original incarnation as the Grover Theatre. Named after the local phone exchange, the Grover operated as a neighbourhood cinema from the 1920s through the mid-1950s. After its Spectrum period, it was the Thunder Nightclub, complete with appropriately cheesy sign.

By 2001, Thunder’s days were numbered, with two suspicious fires breaking out before the city provided funds to the Dixon Hall social agency to run the site as a homeless shelter. While there was some community opposition, the site was reopened as Heyworth House. Jeans, “t-shirts” and running shoes were more than welcome.

A case of a building repaying society for its past excesses?

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